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Electric Rail Lift (Rail Loading & Unloading Hoist)

This is a hoist that uses chain hoist technology to offer dramatically more efficient loading and unloading of rails.

Rated load 1,000 kg
Chain winding capacity 3.8 m (chain length: 5 m)
Power source 3-phase 200 volts
Winding speed 0.0183/0.0217 m/sec (50/60 Hz)
1.1/1.3 m/min (50/60 Hz)
Motor 0.4 kW
Control Push-button switch
Net weight 49 kg

Rail Jack

This product is a long-time favorite in the market, having earned customer trust through proven results in the field. Known for its robust, reliable operation.

Item no. NR1100
Capacity Head 10 t
Claw 8 t
Lift 100 mm
Height (min.) 187 mm
Height of claw 55 mm
Net weight 17.5 kg

Tro-Safe (patent pending)

A decelerator device that prevents runaway accidents with light handcars. The centrifugal brake activates via the wheel axle of the handcar so as to control running speed and keep it to less than 5 km/h. Since it has a parking function, operators can work in safety even if the directional lever is in the neutral position. There are models for two capacities: light handcars of 500 kg and 1,000 kg.

Item no. TS-500 TS-1000
Applicable light handcars Max. load 500 kg 1,000 kg
Wheel diameter 125 mm 165 mm
Axle diameter 25 mm 30 mm
Net weight 14 kg 18 kg
Max. speed 5 km/h
Net weight 20/1000


  • Specifications will change according to changes in axle and wheel diameters.
  • Maximum speed will vary according to factors such as rail conditions.
  • Mounting work should be done by a specialist.

Hand Crane for Track Work (patented)

This is a new type of traveling crane that combines Nitchi's hand crane with a dump trolley. It can load and unload construction materials and equipment such as precast concrete railroad ties besides the tracks or on the tracks.
Hoist trolleys and traveling girders use Nitchi's proprietary hand crane and thus allow smooth and easy pushing by hand. Since the crane's maximum rated load is 1,000 kg, you can have two girders, each with a 500 kg rated load hoist, resulting in double the work efficiency.

Nitchi Rail Hoist

This product is a necessity when changing rails. It offers the kind of high reliability you would expect from a chain hoist manufacturer like Nitchi. The design is based on our H-50A chain hoist, so it comes in two rated loads: 1 t and 1.5 t.

Rated load 1 t 1.5 t
Lift Hook type 1.5 m
Rail clamp type 1 m 0.8 m
Min. headroom Hook type 120 mm 140 mm
Rail clamp type 180 mm 210 mm
Net weight 14 kg 15 kg